What’s a Digital Spotlight?

This is our first Digital Spotlight vlog for This Is Art, a new comedy webseries about young artists struggling to stay afloat in NYC.

In this vlog, This Is Art Creators/Writers Emily Floyd and Anne Richmond discuss the second part of their project; an online database that will connect new media artists from around the world, give them a voice, and tell their story.


Email your submissions for Digital Spotlight consideration to thisisartwebseries [at] gmail [dot] com.
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8 thoughts on “What’s a Digital Spotlight?

  1. Very exciting, guys! I’m a’gurna forward this to my other artistic friends so that we can begin building ye olde site.

    Will the blog also be able to host/embed some of their new media work?

    • Hey Chad! That’s exactly the plan. We want to interview people about their work online and then put examples and links on the page as well so people can get a taste and then find out where they can go to get more. If you know folks that would be interested, by all means ask them to submit!

  2. So, two questions. Do you have an age limit on participants? Do you have to wear brown and orange tones to be interviewed?

    Lead on and congratz on the spotlight. I sit in the dark, but seek the light.

  3. This is such a great idea! I love the idea of promoting struggling and talented artists. I will forward any I find your way. Good luck!

    • Please do, Steph! We’re really excited about it and we want to expand the series to people around the world. We’ll be doing filmed Skype interviews for the people we can’t meet with in person.

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