Announcing: This Is Art: The Webseries Release Date and Distribution Partnership with!

It’s been quite a while since you’ve heard from us. If you’ve been following us on our Facebook Page, you’ve seen a few updates since our last blog post – including the acquisition of a new FABULOUS editor and the completion of post-production for Season 1!

We know you’ve been wondering when you will finally get to see this webseries we’ve been making such a to-do about since 2011. We owe you explanations, we know, but suffice it to say we had many hurdles to jump in post-production. These things can take TIME, and for us it took a LOT of TIME – and with certain responsibilities for the project changing hands throughout the post-production process we had to be patient with letting Season 1 come together at an agonizing pace following our wrap up on filming.

But we are very proud of the season and how it’s come together and as soon as it was finished (much thanks to our amazing editor Jamie Kennedy) we couldn’t WAIT to share it with you – with the world! Unfortunately, we HAD to wait. But we had excellent reason to wait as we secured details with our – are you listening? – distribution partner!

Now we are elated to announce that This Is Art: The Webseries, in partnership with, will officially be launching on January 13, 2015. You will be able to view Season 1 of This Is Art on our website as well as BWW’s ComedyWorld website.

In celebration, we present to you the official trailer for Season 1. We can’t thank you enough for your patience in sticking with us through our post-production highs and lows. We can’t wait to bring you the story of Cami and D and show you what this hard work was all about!




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